The Studio

Modern Edge is located inside  Studio 55 Salon Suites, within the Pavilions Shopping Center. A new elite addition to this beautiful location. Here my clients will experience an in-home salon feel. Relaxation without distractions, is something you will enjoy and look forward to. At Modern Edge you will be privileged to the latest trends and styles while keeping you educated about your hair. Healthy hair goes beyond my chair; The true magic happens when you know and understand what your hair needs and how to care for it, when you leave my chair. 

My personal motto and brand is "ME TIME".  Using the initials of Modern Edge, "ME TIME" was conceived. Embracing "ME TIME" promotes the importance of self. It reminds you that, you are important, and you deserve to indulge in yourself. Women sometimes lose that attitude when life is busy all around them. Clearing a spot on your calendar for "ME TIME" is essential for the mind, body, and spirit. 


So Which Day Works Best For You!