leanna o.

In my younger years, I wore braids a lot. I can remember creating different styles in the bathroom in the morning to wear to school.  I never paid attention to that creative side of me, I just went on thinking I’m going into the medical field. Being a Hairstylist wasn’t really proven to be “A career” growing up. SO I didn’t think must of it. It wasn’t until my LATE 20’s when I figured it out. I was Doing my own hair; and I would love to look at magazine covers and see how hair and makeup can make you feel and look confident. With my love for fashion and beauty,  it hit me. I wanted to offer that same feeling to myself and other women.  After working retail since I was 18, and hating it. starting this new JOURNEY felt right. It allows me to run my company the way i want and how I feel people want to be treated. BASICALLY….do things my way!

Shortly after graduating from Milian Institue 2008 in Fresno, my career aspirations lead me and my two small girls to Sacramento. After five years I opened my own salon suite at Studio 55 in the elite Pavilions Shopping center. I created a “M.E. Time" studio experience where you could feel comfortable and relaxed over a cup of coffee or tea, laughing watching Ellen at 4pm or one of the house wives while you have a glass of wine. 

Styling pretty hair  is just the part we all love, but my hard work comes in, with the tools and knowledge I provide you and the efforts I take to keep you returning to my chair. I pride myself on being honest, providing quality, and timely  services, valuing and building a relationship with each of my clients and providing them with the LATEST trends and beneficial information towards their hair goals. All of the education and knowledge I learn leaves my clients with amazing hair and feeling ready to hit the town even if they didn’t have plans.

I truly love what I do, and  helping people, but maybe a little too much. At one point,  you would have thought I had group home in my home. LOL Helping people be their best self is something I enjoy. 

Sometime we lose ourselves in life, here at Modern Edge once you step through the door, I want you to let go and take in your M.E. Time you made for yourself; ask for that glass of wine or coffee, and allow me to create a piece of you. We can start with a conditioning treatment, book today!